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As a non-profit organization, White River Sound members bear the entire cost of maintaining our chorus through performance fees, dues and fund raising activities.  Any level of sponsorship helps defray costs and provides more opportunities for community performances and music education.  And of course, all donations are tax deductible.  

Here are some ideas for how you can support us:

Rent:                                                                  $2,000.00

Sponsor four months of rent and cover 33% of our annual rent budget.

Coaching:                                                         $1,000.00

Sponsor 3 hours of coaching and musical education for all members.

Show Headline Sponsor:                             $800.00

Become the presentation sponsor for our annual show and appear as the headline sponsor on the show program, tickets, advertising materials and more.

Sponsor Purse Bingo:                                    $700.00

Purse Bingo is our most popular fundraising event.  $700 sponsors one or two designer handbags to keep our event exciting for the players

New Music:                                                        $500.00

Sponsor a new song - custom arrangement and sheet music.

Convention Fees:                                            $300.00

Sponsor two members' regional convention fees.

Costumes (updated every 2 - 3 years):    $200.00

Sponsor a costume for one chorus member.

For full details please contact our Treasurer, Donna Neblett: 317-840-3314 or contact us via whiteriversoundsai@gmail.com.

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