Who IS White River Sound?

White River Sound is an a Capella chorus of women full of warmth and congeniality, joining together to present wonderful music.  We are a chapter of Sweet Adelines International and are dedicated to keeping barbershop harmony alive.  We join our voices weekly in rehearsals, and offer our harmony to the community at special events or by invitation.  Our unique art of singing style, chord structure, and strict blend of voices gives a heartwarming and pleasing ring of chords and a moving communication of music.  We work diligently to perfect the elements of the style, add interest and expression to the performance, all the while making a fun and enjoyable atmosphere for our members.  We surround each other with music and love, always striving to project those emotions to our audience.  

WRS works to achieve a professional quality of presentation, rehearsing diligently on the key elements of vocal production and performance.  We have all levels of trained voices among our risers, from those who have had formal training, to the truly novice singer. 

We are a chorus of four-part harmony singers, but that's not all.  We are also a fun group of women who truly enjoy being together.  Social activities occur throughout the year.  Smiles, laughs and camaraderie blend into the singing every week. If you need 30+ new friends you can find them here.  

WRS affirms our commitment to diversity, inclusion and equity.  We consider them essential elements of a vibrant chorus community and integral to our organization's mission.  We are determined to foster an environment of inclusion, diversity, openness and respect for the many differences that will enrich the WRS community, including race, ethnicity, religion, age, socioeconomic status, national origin, language, sexual orientation and disability.

White River Sound:
  • Encourages and welcomes respectful dialogue and exploration of diverse ideas, topics, perspectives and issues to enrich our chorus community.
  • Promotes equitable access to all in chorus activities and leadership opportunities.
  • Enhances opportunities by encouraging all to share their cultural experiences and identities, allowing others to learn from this exchange.
  • Strives to ensure that the music we sing demonstrates respect for all people, regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, gender, age, socioeconomic status, national origin, language, sexual orientation or disability.

Are you reading 'About Us' to learn how you can hire this amazing singing group for a performance?  Are you looking to see who is singing at that community event you saw advertised?   Maybe you're reading the website to discover if you should arrange a visit.  If you just love barbershop and need to know more about this chorus....we are glad you took the time to catch this glimpse.  Regardless of why you are here, let us show you how to meet us personally. Contact us soon so that we may help you arrange time to know more about us!  You won't believe what you've been missing.
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