Susie Davis

2024 Director's Choice Award


Awarded to Susie Davis

How many women do you know who could get up on the risers a few months after being trampled by a horse?  Or compete at regionals a week after a serious car accident (and of course bedazzling her sling to match her costume!)?  Or complete a couple years later after going through chemo treatments?  Most of us don't know anyone who could do all that - unless, of course, you know Susie Davis!  Susie is this year's Director's Choice award because of her tenacity to overcome serious roadblocks and still get up on stage and give it her all.  You just can't keep a good woman down - not if her name is Susie Davis!!

Betty Lightfoot

2024 Sweet Adeline of the Year


Awarded to Betty Lightfoot

This year's recipient of our SAOTY award goes to someone who is ALWAYS looking for a way to get our members singing.  Not just singing any old thing - singing barbershop!  And specifically GOOD barbershop.  Betty's long time passion for barbershop harmony is the driver for her enthusiasm to helping others learn how to improve their barbershop skills.  She is always looking for a way to help our chorus improve our skills and up our passion to match hers.  She is an inspriation to everyone and we are proud to honor her with this award.

2024 Harmony Heartland Region 4, 3rd Place Division A, 5th Place Overall


Awarded to

We are thrilled to be recognized for all our hard work at our Regional Contest this year!  We made vast improvements in our sound since last year and look forward to improving even more last year.  We loved listening to all the other regional choruses and are humbled to be ranked with the best.  We love singing harmony and we love performing and always have a wonderful experience at regional conventions.  Can't wait for next year!

Pat Shreve

2023 Director's Choice Award


Awarded to Pat Shreve

Pat was awarded this year's Director's Choice award because of her positive attitude.  She's always looking for the bright side and encourages others to do the same.  Even when battling health issue she remains dedicated to supporting our chorus and supporting other members.  She is dedicated to learning and improving her music skills and demonstrates good learning skills to other members.  Congratulations, Pat, for your years od dedication to our chorus!

Gaby Allen

2023 Sweet Adeline of the Year


Awarded to Gaby Allen

Congratulations to Gaby Allen for being selected as our Sweet Adeline of the Year.  Her enthusiasm is infectious and we love getting ready to sing as we follow her physical warm-ups each week.  She always brings energy with her to rehearsal and shares it willing with others to help everyone forget their troubles and concentrate on singing well together.  She has been a most avid cheerleader for our chorus for many years and we celebrate this enthusiasm this year with this prestigious award.  Thank you, Gaby, for everything you give to us and to our audiences!

Maggy Kantz

2022 Director's Choice Award


Awarded to Maggy Kantz

Maggy Kantz was presented with our Director's Choice award by Dr Sally Kelley.  During the presentation Sally noted that she could always count on Maggy to be one of the first members off the paper on a new song.  She also learns her choreography early and works hard at perfecting both her moves and her voice accuracy.  When Sally is ready to direct she can always count on Maggy to be in place and ready to perform.  She sets a very good example to fellow members on what it means to take personal accountability for her performance!

Sue Pelley

2022 Sweet Adeline of the Year


Awarded to Sue Pelley

We are pleased to announce that Sue Pelley has been awarded our SAOTY award for 2022!  Sue has been a very integral part of our chorus for quite some time.  She has served on just about every office of our board including serving as President for 10 years!  She has also been our bass section leader for several years.  Sue is so very supportive of every member of our chorus.  Her friendly smile is always a welcoming site at rehearsals.  She goes out of her way to make each and every member feel important and works hard to make everyone feel included.  She willingly shares her musical knowledge and talents helping others perform at their best level.  While she served as President she was not eligible for this award - so her selection has been a very long time in the making!  

Harmony Heartland Region 4, 2nd place Division A, 5th place Overall


Awarded to

White River Sound placed 2nd in Division AA and 5th place Overall at the HHR4 convention in April 2022.  We sang I Will Love You Til The End Of Time and The Moment I Saw Your Eyes.  It was awesome being back on stage after the pandemic caused a 2 year hiatus of our regional convention!  

2017 Harmony Heartland Region 4 Competition 5th place


Awarded to

Our chorus placed 5th out of 18 at our Regional Competition.  We are very proud of our performance and happy that all our coaching and hard work paid off!
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