In the early 1970's Sweet Adelines International was about 25 years old.  Women around the United States were joinging together in small groups to sing, in four-part harmony, the melodies that previously only men had enjoyed.  Women found great fun in this new undertaking. 

In Indianapolis, 2 small groups decided to join this international group.  Each group gathered together weekly to harmonize and enjoy the fellowship of other singers.  After almost 15 years these two groups decided it would be more fun and educational to join the groups together and grow larger.  In 1985 they merged into a new chorus called White River Sound under the direction of Carol Shadle.  Local performances and annual competition with other Sweet Adeline Choruses was extremely educational and great fun. 

In 1996, Carol retired and Debbie Thistle became our new director.  Under Debbie's guidance we grew our membership to approximately 50 women and honed our singing skills.  Each year we moved upward in ranking at our annual regional competition.  Eventually, we consistently placed in the top 5 choruses in Region 4.  In 2019 we performed in the open division instead of competiting in the international division.  This gave us more felxibility in music choices and really challanged us to be more creative with our performance package.  For now, we will continue in the open division, but have the option to go back to the international division if we decide to compete in the future.  

Our ladies have many talents; performing in quartets, writing show scripts, creating opportunities to participate in community activities, and managing the administration required for a non-profit organization.  We produce an annual show and  present other performances around our community.  At Chirstmastime we have smaller groups that volunteer to give holiday performances.  Our ladies take much pleaseure in our music and the fun it offers.  We support our current members and look for new friends to join us.  

Our mission statement:  
White River Sound is a woman's barbershop chorus dedicated to achieving the highest level of musical performance through eduction, competition, community involvement and friendship.