The amazing women of White River Sound Chorus invite you to join our exciting chorus. We welcome women ages 14 and older.

Over your first few rehearsals, our music and management teams will walk you through the steps of joining this wonderful group of singers and becoming a member of our parent organization, Sweet Adelines International.  On your first visit, you'll get a glimpse of what happens at our weekly rehearsals and receive some general information regarding our chorus.  Our director will discuss your voice part with you and find you a comfortable place on the risers with a companion of your voice part nearby.  No pressure, but you'll never know how sweet the apple tastes if you don't take that first bite!  And how sweet it is!

At your first few rehearsals, the membership process will be discussed privately with you and we will answer any questions you have.  During those discussions you will receive handouts that review chorus processes, expectations and dues.  Before membership is accepted, you will be asked to pass an audition which is performed privately with the director and section leaders only.

You are sure to feel an immediate sense of belonging.  We work to ensure that new members are comfortable with all the new experiences coming their way.  A personal mentor will be assigned to ease you through the exitement of your first year.

Our hobby is about music, learning, growing, and being with fantastic women who not only love to sing, but lend support and encourgement as well.  You will soon discover that singing is why you join and the friendships are why you stay!

If you are interested in learning more, take a look at the Upcoming Events section of News & Events to find the date, time and location of our next rehearsal.  You can call our Membership Chair, Sharon Humes, at 317-446-6103 for more information.  If the rehearsal is on Zoom, send an email to and ask for the Zoom link.  
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